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The first crowdfunded satellite Mayak was launched from Baikonur spaceport on the 14th
of July, 2017

Russian enthusiastic engineers launched satellite Mayak, constructed at the facilities of Moscow Polytechnic Museum. The satellite was launched from Baikonur by launch vehicle "Soyuz- 2.1a"..
The main objective of the project is to make cosmonautics and space research poplar in Russia, as well as to make scientific and technical researches attractive to youth.
Scientific goals of the research:
1. Test of the aerodynamic braking device in real-time flight. After the test this type of brake can be used for de-orbiting of space junk.
2. Get new information about air density at high altitude while checking the flight of the satellite at the uppermost layers of the atmosphere.
3. «Mayak» will be used as a reference object for the calculation of apparent magnitudes of space objects.
After the launch and orbiting Mayak unfolded sun reflector. The reflector consists of three meters high regular pyramid made from reflective metallized membrane. The membrane's thickness is only 5 micrometers. While orbiting the reflector was packed into the satellite and has unfolded into predetermined form only after orbiting.

Due to reflecting aerodynamic brake in the form of pyramid the satellite can be used as a reference object for the checking of apparent magnitudes calculation of space objects.

This type of construction of the satellite increases resistance during the flight at the upper atmosphere (it's used as a parachute). Thus this construction increases the speed of decent from orbit and makes space junk to decent from the orbit faster by an order of magnitude.
Alexander Shaenko
Head of science:
We equipped Mayak with the technology of aerodynamic brake. It helps to deorbit satellite easier and faster.
«Every year hundreds or even thousands of small space crafts are launched into space. Therefore in modern space science the problem of space junk utilization is an issue. The standard way to solve it is to equip space crafts with an engine. This way, while termination of usage period the space crafts will be deorbited and burnt into the atmosphere. This solution is expensive due the cost of engine production. Also when the period of usage comes to an end the engine can be out of service and the space craft can be left on orbit as a space junk. We equipped Mayak with the technology of aerodynamic brake. It helps to deorbit satellite easier and faster. For example deorbiting of Mayak (or another satellite with the same size and weight) could last about three years, while with the brake Mayak will deorbit in a month».
Mayak was crowdfunded at Boomstarter platform and sponsored by Rocketbank.
Mayak will stay on orbit for one month. After termination of term of use it will be deorbited and burnt in the atmosphere.
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